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The Cowboy Perspective

Sep 24, 2021

Bob Howard is the Founder of 855 BUGS and recently sold the company to Terminix. He has a major list of accomplishments including being elected Mayor of Woodway, Texas and an elder within his church. This episode is fantastic as we talk about faith, leadership, partnerships in business and a whole lot more in between fits of laughter. This is one you won't want to miss, enjoy!


(1:49) - Bob’s career and background

855 BUGS

(6:49) - Bob’s faith background

(11:05) - Leadership: What is it?

(19:32) - Would you consider your company a ‘family’?

(20:53) - How do you manage your connection with your company and growth given everything going on with you outside of work?

(22:45) - It’s Lonely at the Top: 

(31:45) - Dealing with partnerships in business

(33:39) - Bob’s experience as Mayor

(38:05) - Bob’s favorite books

The Go-Getter by Peter Kyne 

I Want my Church to Grow by C.B. Hogue

(40:06) - The origin of the question: “What’s the value of a dollar or a bitcoin?”

(41:48) - What’s the value of a dollar or a bitcoin?

(46:17) - Do you think you’re tightly wound?

(50:20) - The beauty of dreaming big

(54:17) - How Bob built and sold his company

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

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