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The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Oct 30, 2020

Welcome back Y'all! This is a special-edition of The Cowboy Perspective, we took a trip with some old friends down south to hunt some Dove, and got some great content recorded between glasses of whiskey, gambling and of course, hunting. Enjoy & subscribe for more! 

(1:41) - Part 1: Introductions

(17:00) - Part 2: Hiring & elevating great talent

(37:50) - Part 3: Rapid Fire questions & the big question: Would you give up The First Amendment or The Second Amendment?

(53:48) - Part 4: Wrap up, podcasting and trip reflection with Producer Johnny

Stuff Mentioned: 

The Kolbe Process:

OMS Process:

Dropping Bombs with The Real Brad Lea:

Connect with our Guests

Cole Parks:

Brett Wilson:

Lee Gore:

Andy Moore:

Tanner Spears:

Justin Holland:

Kyle Crouch:

Johnny Peterson:

The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Johnny Peterson & Straight Up Podcasts