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The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Sep 15, 2020

Hey Y'all! This episode I continue The Cowboy Mentor Series with my cousin John of Dudley Brothers Ranch. We talk about the perspective of running a true family business, John’s desire to be front and center in all aspects of life, never saying no to an opportunity, having a strong support system with family, the most important lessons learned of operating in a partnership & being resilient through hard times in the lens of something tragic like losing a child. Enjoy!

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“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”

Books & Webites Mentioned

Dudley Brothers Ranch:

Big Wonderful Thing by Steve Harrigan:

The Mansions and the Shanties by Gilberto Freyre:

(2:30) – John’s background

(6:22) – How did they go feed?

(8:25) – Big Bob and Little Bob, and milking out the cow

(9:57) – John’s parents and classical music

13:00 – Neil calls him Uncle John, but he’s not actually Neil’s uncle – family relations

(15:45) – John can’t stand milk

(16:25) – The Bryson House and Herefords

(17:42) – John’s perspective on leading a family business, and how things evolved

(22:10) – You don’t know anything  

(23:52) – Role of a leader in the industry

(27:20) – A team effort with John’s wife

(28:58) – Challenges when building the industry, and what it entailed

(33:40) – The experience John had with discipline

(35:53) – Lessons John has learned

(38:25) – Today, politics, and the media

(41:30) – A story about Jackson

(43:50) – The Gail Dudley quote: “If you aren’t having a good time doing this, go do something else.”

(44:25) – Getting through tough times – strength, resilience, and the loss of a child

(50:30) – John’s thoughts on showing emotion

(54:00) – Not just cowboys, also cowmen

(54:55) – The books John reads

(60:10) – The value of a dollar

(64:40) – Wrap up – “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”

The Cowboy Perspective is produced by Straight Up Podcasts & Root and Roam