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The Cowboy Perspective

Feb 12, 2021

Welcome back Y'all! I got to record one of my favorite episodes on my 43rd birthday! My guest is Jason Beyer who is an entrepreneur, auctioneer, and friend! We also get some great Cowgirl Perspective from special guest Christie...his wife!

In our conversation, we talk about Jason's upbringing and how he learned to be an auctioneer riding along the highway with his dad. Jason hits hard on the importance of having a great network to rely on in life. We also talk about the struggles of building a successful business, learning from failure, getting through personal tragedies and a whole lot more. Enjoy! 

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(3:04) - Give us an idea of who Jason Beyer is? Who you are, where you come from and what you do.

(5:31) - Where does your tenacious, go-getter attitude come from?

(8:22) - Jason’s childhood living on a dairy farm

(10:50) - How did you learn how to be an auctioneer?

(12:37) - Using the SMA to build your network and why having a network is important

The Southwest Meat Association + Conference

(17:02) - The value of an honest conversation, Building Jason’s meat packing plant and the relationship to Pederson’s

(20:35) - The story of coming up with the name of Jason's meat packing business (ABF)

(22:20) - The struggle of building a successful business

(23:48) - Getting invested in a hotel right as Covid hit

The Barfield Hotel

(27:00) - Buying Kennedys Sausage in 2010

Kennedys Sausage 

(32:36) - Learning when you fail

(36:32) - Getting through personal tragedies

(45:41) - What’s your mindset when you face an obstacle in business?

(47:53) - Jason’s relationship with D.L.

Book - Rocket Fuel

Book - Atlas Shrugged 

(52:16) - What’s your philosophy on the value of a dollar or a Bitcoin?

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