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The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Jul 15, 2020

Welcome back Y'all, this episode I sat down with one of my closest friends going all the way back to my childhood: Cody Lane. Cody is the president of Pederson's Natural Farms and is a key reason I fell in love with working there. We talk about Cody's journey to Pederson's, failures and why it's so important to learn from them, the beyond meat phenomenon, where the industry is headed and more. Enjoy! 

Learn More about Pederson's

(2:45) – How Cody got to be where he is

(4:40) – Cody’s 2nd interview ever and day working

(6:00) – The QA director for Pederson’s and working for $4.27 per hour

(8:40) – Quitting gets Cody a promotion

(11:00) – Neil becomes a part of Pederson’s, too, and their roles in the meat business

(14:50) – Cody’s business philosophy

(17:15) – They hung their hat on quality and measuring success via the good done in the community

(20:15) – Failures and what we learn from them

(23:13) – What are life’s successes?

(24:30) – Cody’s wife Chrissy and working together with family

(27:23) – How the industry has changed and what Cody has learned

(29:45) – Cody’s thoughts on Beyond Meat and the Impossible Burger

(31:20) – Neil is not the official taste tester; he eats it all

(32:32) – The better for you, natural market

(34:55) – That one time Neil cried after football

(35:59) – Cody’s favorite books

(38:45) – The value of a dollar

(42:40) – A shoutout to the Pederson's team – Thanks for the success!

(43:50) – A Pederson's rule: No gripin’ in email

(44:45) – Wrap up

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