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The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Oct 15, 2020

Welcome back Y'all! This episode I sat down with Anne-Marie Roerink, the Founder at 201 Analytics. We talk about how much data matters in something as niche as picking out your own cut of meat at the grocery store, life in Holland, how her country responded to COVID, some basic lessons in Dutch, the harsh reality of being an entrepreneur, and the bizarre overlap between data in the meat industry and the candy industry. Enjoy! 

Connect with Anne-Marie 


Anne-Marie's About Page:

(3:05) – Anne-Marie’s background

(5:00) – About 210 Analytics

(5:56) – How different it is running a business now from in Anne-Marie’s early career

(7:48) – Anne-Marie’s siblings and the differences with the Netherlands

(9:35) – COVID in the Netherlands

(11:00) – The impact of COVID on kids

(14:09) – Anne-Marie’s ability to make data and research relatable: The what, the so what, and the now what

(17:07) – How to learn more about Anne-Marie’s work

(18:17) – A Dutch lesson

(19:15) – The name Anne-Marie

(20:45) – Marketing and the guys in hats

(23:00) – Anne-Marie’s routine

(25:00) – Boardgames with grandparents

(31:10) – Where Anne-Marie got her analytical brain and how she keeps up with all the different data

(34:00) – Whatever it is that you love, you can probably own a business doing that, and the possibility of being a researcher in making

(36:25) – Understanding the value you bring to the market and translating the data

(37:24) – Anne-Marie and public speaking

(42:00) – She’s solving the puzzle on her own

(43:20) – Balancing business and with family life and quality over quantity

(45:55) – Giving attention to your customers – communicating and understanding pain points

(48:50) – Anne-Marie’s crazy work ethic

(50:30) – Wrap up

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