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The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Aug 11, 2023


Scott Hodges, an insurance professional, joins the show to talk about overcoming tragedy, including the death of his wife. Scott sets a great example of how you can persevere, become the person you want to be and have a beautiful life.

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(2:30) Being a coach's son 

(3:00) Making friends in Texas 

(4:23) Learning to love church

(6:01) A childhood in Gustine Texas

(8:19) Saying goodbye to dad

(11:30) Literally his first rodeo

(14:23) Choices and consequences

(17:46) My uncle, the hero

(21:14) Learning horsemanship

(24:24) Tragedy strikes 

(27:27) The insurance business

(29:32) Everybody has a purpose in life

(30:13) First death claim 

(41:08) Letting kids find their path

(43:27) Defining selling 

(55:07) One family, one vision

(1:02:07) Paying attention - the whole time

(1:05: 10) Scott’s favorite horse