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Apr 19, 2023

Thanks for continuing to tune in to our history of Comanche series! I sat down with Fain McDaniel and David Gore from the Comanche County Museum to map out the entire history of Comanche, Texas. Enjoy!

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Comanche Museum

Belve Bean

LD Cox

John Wesley Hardin

Brushy Bill Roberts



(3:05) - The history of Comanche, from the very beginning!

(10:57) - The arrival of the Spaniards

(20:52) - Warring with Indians & the naming of Comanche

(30:33) - Wagon Routes and US Army forts in Comanche

(35:46) - The official incorporation of Comanche

(37:57) - The initial construction of buildings and structures

(40:29) - The fire problem & Comanche Outlaw stories

(53:12) - Talkin’ Old Comanche buildings

(1:02:06) - Fain’s love for history

(1:07:59) - Belve Bean, LD Cox & other notable Comanche figures

(1:14:30) - Comanche importance in Texas trade & Bill “Brushy” Roberts