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The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Jun 10, 2022

Kevin Elkins joins me on the podcast today to talk about everything custom silver buckles, spurs, bits, and jewelry! We also talk about his days riding Broncs in the PRCA, the sacrifices he's had to make for this business, family, and more. Enjoy!

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(2:14) - Introducing Kevin and his artwork

(5:45) - The process of making custom Silver buckles, spurs, bits and jewelry

(15:46) - How do you feel about defining what you do as “art”?

(18:54) - Do you model your work after anyone?

(22:07) - How do you feel about your customers?

(24:26) - What happens if a customer doesn’t like what you’ve made?

(26:02) - Kevin’s childhood & family dynamic

(30:59) - How do you think about improving on your craft?

(32:02) - Riding Broncos in the PRCA

(35:06) - Craftsmanship vs. perfectionism

(37:22) - Kevin’s family and sacrifices to be an entrepreneur

(49:11) - The power of humility

(53:11) - Kevin’s favorite pieces, things in the works, and the business side of craftsmanship!

(58:29) - Wrap up and final thoughts