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The Cowboy Perspective

Apr 22, 2022

The first guy to ride all 10 bulls at the National Finals Rodeo (The SuperBowl of Rodeo) and almost made it 20 in a row as he rode his first 9 the following year.

Please enjoy this conversation with my friend Jim Sharp. If you know Jim you will know he is quiet about his success and career. I really appreciate him sharing with me and the TCP Nation in this episode.

He is a multiple-time bull riding world champion and a Great hand in the pasture and branding pen.


Jim Sharp's PBR stats


(2:20) - Are the other pro bull riders different behind the scenes?

(4:07) - Jim’s family background and how he got into bull riding

(7:28) - Who’d you look up to in rodeo?

(8:38) - Jim’s siblings

(12:01) - Why Jim decided to retire from bull riding

(14:37) - How did you process the reality of the danger of bull riding?

(15:33) - Did you play any sports growing up?

(18:03) - What was Layne Frost like?

(19:59) - How did rodeoing with the best affect your work ethic?

(22:28) - Riding 10 rounds in the NFR

(24:58) - Jim’s son

(27:59) - What was the PBR like?

(33:11) - Do you pay attention to the circuit now?

(34:34) - Brazilian rope holding techniques

(37:02) - Grappling with being called the GOAT

(40:12) - What do you do these days?

(45:33) - Wrap up