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The Cowboy Perspective an exploration of grit, servant leadership, and business philosophy with high performers!

Nov 29, 2021

It's always a blessing having another Dudley on the podcast! This episode me and Mom get to talking about the most important things she passed on to me, life as a grandparent, and her role as the problem solver. We also talk about her fitness journey, finding a life partner and so much more. Enjoy!

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(3:44) - How to make friends, listening to advice & complimenting folks: Important learnings from mom

(6:42) - What’s it like being the problem solver for people in your life?

(10:26) - What’s it like being a grandparent?

(11:52) - Rhonda’s fitness journey & parenting

(16:16) - Can you be the best version of yourself without being pushed by someone?

(22:30) - The importance of food knowledge

(28:57) - Why do you like numbers so much?

(32:40) - Do you worry that you might have passed on negative lessons or experiences to us?

(35:52) - Why are you scared to be thought of as weak?

(44:16) - Nobody is looking at you, nobody cares!

(45:58) - Picking the right life partner

(50:28) - Dealing with the loss of a sibling

(53:38) - Wrap Up

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