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The Cowboy Perspective

Sep 10, 2021

Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker and has been dubbed a “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times and in 2017 Forbes names Marcus one of 20 “Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss.” Mashable rated his book, “They Ask, you Answer” the “#1 Marketing Book” to read in 2017. Forbes listed it as one of “11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read.”

On this episode, we talk with Marcus about his content strategy for LinkedIn, his self-taught marketing journey, the problem with how Universities teach marketing today and a whole lot more. Enjoy!


Check out Marcus' Book here

(2:43) - Thoughts on Out Of Office email replies

(4:04) - LinkedIn

(6:26) - Teaching youth to be a responsible employee and worker

(9:37) - The goal of pain in life

(10:45) - The marketing industry should not require college degrees

(13:01) - Marcus on being a self-taught marketer

(16:08) - The importance of a good office culture

(20:32) - Accepting that you will not resonate with everyone

(23:31) - Wrap Up

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